Cider Medley Collection  - a mix of Traditional Apple and Fruit ciders

Cider Medley Collection - a mix of Traditional Apple and Fruit ciders

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A fun and delicious collection of traditional artisan ciders and modern lightly sparkling flavoured ciders with a twist.

Your box will contain a mix of the following varieties:

  • Old Harry Rocks Vintage Cider 6% alc. - a fine traditional dry vintage dry cider - fruity in taste using real bittersweet cider apples-  Champion British Organic Cider 2015 - Certified Organic
  • Top O' the Hill 5% alc. - a crisp med/dry cider with a soft sparkle - Champion British Organic Cider 2016 - Certified Organic
  • Dabinett 5.8% still Single Variety apple cider a medium dry offering a wholesome proper cider story
  • Dorset Wildcat 5.5% alc. - a crowd pleasing artisan cider - medium with soft sparkle - Certified Organic
  • Medium Organic Original 5% traditional, farmhouse cider- Our original cider blend unchanged over the years
  • Sweet Maiden 5% still med-sweet English cider from a blend of bitter-sweet cider apples- British Champion Farmhouse cider 2017
  • Jurassic Skyline 4% a sparkling contemporary dessert apple and cider apple blended cider
  • Elderflower Cider 3.8% -  light and luscious softly sparkling cider with aromatic Elderflower
  • Hunnybubble 4 alc. - smooth, sparkling and bubbly with a twist of real honey giving caramel and mead notes with the appley tones.
  • Raspberry Kiss 4% alc. - a Medium sparkling cider blended with Devonshire raspberries to give a fruity depth of flavour- very easy drinking
  • Foxy Ginger 4% sparkling ginger blended cider, perhaps enjoy with a shot of rum...
  • Grab Life by the Damsons 4% Damson, plum fruity cider, sparkling, easy drinking and refreshing

All ciders are GF and suitable for Vegan diets (except Hunnybubble which contains honey)

All ciders are made from certified Organic apples